In today's theory class, we talked about dedication and ownership. At first, we recalled different pieces of Werner Herzog, an Austrian filmmaker. Amongst other things, Herzog is famous for his dedication. In Fitzcarraldo, the crew literally pulls a boat over a mountain without the aid of machines. On a set in the rainforests of Brazil, one actor even had to saw off his own foot, after being bitten by a venomous snake to avoid cardiac arrest.

Never ask for permission, ask for forgiveness.

After getting a thorough impression of Werner Herzog. We asked ourselves what sacrifices are ok? How far can a man go?

One thing to take from this rather crazy person is his dedication. Regarding our Bachelor's thesis, to a certain degree, we should dedicate ourselves to our project. In the end, hopefully still having two feet.

An example of a Bachelor's thesis with a lot of dedication did Kueng Caputo. Kueng Caputo kept working on a second project, which they did not show their mentors. The night before the actual Bachelor's exhibition, they exhibited the project almost nobody knew about. They then had trouble getting their degree because of the Design department which argued that it did not belong in their studies. However, they ended up receiving their diploma and an extra amount of fame.


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