After we finished last week with our mid-presentation, we started to build an advanced prototype for the mentoring on Wednesday. We did not have concrete ideas on what joints exactly we wanted to limit but knew we had to start somewhere anyway.

We did not think about 3D printing anymore and tried to work with wood instead of plastic due to the fact that the 3D printing would require a lot more time than laser cutting something in MDF. We also made some handcrafted prototype structures which were almost sewn through pieces of solid wood. This gave the wood flexibility but would block at a certain angle because of the wood's thickness.

Since one of our initial goals was still to make the end product interactive, we attached a wire through small gaps on the wood, which enabled us to bend the structure forcefully.

 Wednesday's mentoring

As we talked to Joëlle and Verena we realized that we weren't where we should or wanted to be. We somehow delayed the questions: Where would we attach the wearable? Why is it on that joint? What is the metaphor behind it? Somehow we worked inefficiently because we did not really want to focus too early. Or I myself did not want to take the easy way out but rather do something really sophisticated.

We came to the conclusion that there can't be more time wasted, we needed to focus and answer the questions stated above. A few hours later we knew, the neck is the body part we wanted to limit. Because of the fragility, importance, and connection to ownership, we knew that it fitted our scenario. A wearable on the neck resembles a collar that implies being possessed.