Free Flow Seminar

We started our first Bachelor-related module in Appenzell. We spent two days in the Alpenhof Hotel to get inspired and talk about first ideas. As we arrived at the Alpenhof on Thursday morning, we quickly had some croissants and coffee and then went to the library in order to find some inspiring literature. I took two books called Seesaw and Seestücke (see below).

Seesaw showed aesthetically pleasing pictures of abstract shapes, that had a special effect on the eye. In particular, I liked this picture in combination with the Seestücke book that told stories of men at sea. The sea images on the cover reminded me of generative art, multiple lines in softly bent motion.

Later we went for a walk, where we talked to the professors regarding our first ideas. I did not have so many decent ideas but had some things in mind that interest me. Currently, I find the filter bubble quite interesting. As algorithms shape the way we see in the digital world, I'd like to explore this behavior in the physical world. What if our collected data would shape how we see?

Spontaneously, I'd try to develop an algorithm that buys IKEA furniture according to your data. Just as an experiment and to see how this would transform our physical world.


  • Princetown Arch Staff, Seesaw: This Book is a Seesaw, Lars Müller, 1999
  • James Hamilton-Paterson, Seestücke, Klett-Cotta Literatur, 1996