At first, we talked about different assignments, which we need to perform during the reading week. For our statement of intent for the BA thesis, we'll need to create some sort of mind map, or inspirational poster. This should help us to find out what our focus is. The statement of intent should then be as specific as possible. If our thesis shifts, it is totally fine (at least they said so). But we should not propose too broad topics.

Furthermore, we talked (or mainly Dani read aloud) texts concerning the very general meanings of design. We reviewed the difference between design and science. Stated was, that design is dealing more with future scenarios and the can or could be. Whereas science is more used in cases where something is defined as was or is.

To me, this is only partially true. Of course, sometimes, design is very speculative and not really applicable. But there are just as many cases where design happens in this very moment. Think of UI design for example.

Methods / Methodologies

As a first approach for our bachelors thesis, we talked about different research methods or methodologies in general. We started by listing all the research methods we knew. This turned out more interesting as I thought at first since people actually started inventing new methods. I also found out that Methodologies can serve as some sort of justification for the outcome. This somehow provides stability and to a certain extent improves a bad product. If the methodologies proposed a product of this kind, then it is reasonable.