Build A Bird

Build A Bird is an interactive installation which sets its focus on a creative learning process upon the phenomenon of nonvocal bird sounds. The goal of the installation is to enable the user complete freedom in building a bird from his imagination. During this process, he will gain insights into the species and ability of this bird part.

The interactive prototype consisted of around 15 bird parts. These parts are modular and all the extremities such as heads, wings, feet, and tails are attachable to the body part. These parts vary in species and most of them contain an interesting ability to generate sound. Once a part is connected to the body, the interface will display information to the bird part and play sound samples at natural intervals.

This project was the outcome of a group work of Tobias Dupuch, Alessa Gassmann and Michael Schönenberger during the Spatial Interaction course in collaboration with BirdLife Switzerland.