Escher Walk

The city of Zurich will celebrate 200 years of Alfred Escher in 2020 and plans to construct an interactive city tour, filled with pieces of information and cross-media content.

Aurelian Ammon, Shubham Kesharwani and I decided to make the experience more individual and less linear, engaging the visitors to explore the content by themselves, rather than following a predefined storyline.

To do so, we created a playful character in the form of an arrow. This character eventually incorporated the main three roles of our app. It was the narrator, the navigator, as well as the personal assistant, who can reveal additional information.

With the use of device sensors like GPS, compass data, and the accelerometer we wanted to take advantage of the vast technological possibilities to create a more immersive experience. During the navigation phase, the user switches between the navigating arrow and the map by holding the device vertical or horizontal.